It isn’t hard to state that the present condition between India and China is not in its brightest side, but with some help, things will take a positive turn soon. Primarily, the Indo-China relationship is not new and dated back 2000 years ago, if not more. The modern relationship took place in the year 1950. During that time, India was the first countries of the list to have ended formal ties with Taiwan or Republic of China. During that time, India recognizes PRC as its legitimate government of current Mainland China.

Growth is inevitable:

India and China indeed are two of the most populous countries in the world. They also have the fastest-growing economy. So, if their relationship moves forward and blossoms, then it will be a universal growth for the two largest countries of all time. With political help and some co-operations, the chances are high that the relationship must come out from its current pitfall.

The history and current scenario:

Growth in the economic sector and diplomatic influences has increased bilateral relationship between India and China. The cultural relations even dated back to ancient times with the Silk Road serving as a major trade route between these two countries. It is also credited for facilitating the present spread of Buddhism right from India to East Asia.

Even if you check the World War II, for instance, you can see how China and India played a major role in halting Imperial Japan’s progress. These are proofs to show that these two countries had great relationships in the past. With some economic and political interventions, they can get their old friendship renewed in no time!

Presently, the harsh relationships between India and China have been well characterized by those border disputes. That resulted in three of the major military conflicts. Those were the Sino-Indian skirmish, Chola incident and the Shino Indian war. However, since the late 1980s, things have cooled down a bit, and both countries were able to rebuild economic and diplomatic ties.

You cannot ignore the fact that China has become the largest trading partner India has ever seen, and both countries have also extended military and strategic relationships in the past.

The Asian Century:

Most of the global experts have described modern century as the “Asian Century.” well, with China and India having same interest level, all they have to do is come together and work things out. Most Indian people are easily influenced by the media, focusing on Western views. Well, the truth is, Western media might not always be telling the truth.

So, it is highly requested to not get influenced by the shitty ideas western media has in store for you and be discerning. Negative news spread like wildfire and might hamper the chances of getting a good bond between India and China.

Increment in the employment rate:

Some studies indicate that investment and trade between India and China have already helped out employment in both these countries. Businessmen from both these countries are connecting with one another through various trading fields.

Even some Chinese manufacturers are demanding services from the India market. Even most of the Indian brands have flourished quite a bit from this bilateral trade. Any conflict between these two powerful countries can fracture this great business bond and must be kept at bay!

A new era of relationship:

The time has come to enter the new era revolving around Sino-Indian relationships. Keep the idea of boycotting Chinese products at bay and reach out for a bond of eternal friendship. It will heavily impact the economy of both countries in a positive way!

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