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Dev owns several popular restaurants all over China, and also an actor who had acted in several Chinese movies and TV series. With roots in India, Dev Raturi moved in the year 2005 and quickly climbed up the ladder to start his chain of eight Indian restaurants in major districts of China. Dev is a man of action, passion, determination and diligence, which has brought him to great heights.

The World-Famous INDIAN Restaurant

Dev started the Amber Palace Indian Cultural Themed restaurant in Xi’an, China in September 2013 to provide a superior dining experience combined with the authentic taste of the Indian culture. This is the first Indian-themed cultural restaurant that is raved about in various media channels in the likes of Discovery Channer, CCTV 2, CCTV 4, Shaaxi TV, Travel Channe,l and many more. Take a sneak peek into the popular Amber Palace restaurants.


Plans for Tourism Development in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a beauty filled with mountains, hills and abundant wildlife. To start with, we can develop the tourism industry by implementing eco-friendly solutions and better accommodation and food facilities for the travellers visiting Uttarakhand. In the spirit of this idea, Dev Raturi also met the Tourism Minister, Shri Satpal Maharaj and Tourism Secretary, Dilip Javalkar, to discuss the implementation of this plan.

News & insights

January 12, 2020

Indian man owns 8 restaurants in China

Dev Raturi, an Indian man who is interested in Chinese Kung Fu, has been living in China for 13 years and now owns eight restaurants, reports on Saturday. Raturi came to Shenzhen in 2005. His first job in China was as a waiter in Shenzhen. Over the last 13 years, he became a CEO […]


January 29, 2020

Dev Raturi brings India’s unique culture to China, showcasing its food, & rediscovering Silk Road

After living in China for 11 years, Indian Dev Raturi developed a passion for the history of the Silk Road. This led him to its origins in Xi’an where he started his own chain of cultural restaurants, showcasing Indian food, yoga and Bollywood dance. His next goal is to take Chinese traditional culture to India.


February 8, 2020

Indian man Dev Raturi, who owns eight restaurants, is pictured with his families at his restaurant in Xi’an city

Indian man Dev Raturi, who owns eight restaurants, is pictured with his families at his restaurant in Xi’an city, northwest China’s Shaanxi province, 24 November 2018. Indian man Dev Raturi was interested in Chinese Kung Fu and came to southern China’s Shenzhen in 2005. He was strapped for cash so that he worked as a […]


March 4, 2020

This Is What Makes Me Love Uttarakhand!

Uttarakhand tells its own tales through its snow-covered mountains, rivers running between rocks, temples resonating with the sound of bells, small kids running behind dogs and sheep, tourists roaming around in groups and villagers walking around with pots. Uttarakhand for me is home. But the surprising part of this beautiful place is that it feels […]


April 1, 2020

Investment in Uttarakhand – Where and How?

India has always been a popular tourist destination with its ethnic beauty and divine history depicted by its graceful temples and monuments. It has attracted a lot of tourism in the past years and is counted as the 7th most visited tourist destination around the world. Among all the famous destinations in India, one is […]


October 23, 2020

Time To Keep Differences At Bay And Improve Friendship Between India And China

It isn’t hard to state that the present condition between India and China is not in its brightest side, but with some help, things will take a positive turn soon. Primarily, the Indo-China relationship is not new and dated back 2000 years ago, if not more. The modern relationship took place in the year 1950. […]


October 23, 2020

India Should Definitely Takes Notes From China On How To Prevent COVID Spread Out

Even after a shaky start, China made it through successfully and now heading back towards a normal life, after winning its fight against novel coronavirus. The outbreak took many lives, but that didn’t stop this second-largest economy from coming to a standstill. After months of trying and taking all kinds of necessary protection, China is […]


November 4, 2020

Dev Raturi’s Journey into Film World and How Film Helps to Bridge Gap between India and China

After residing in China for 15 years, Dev Raturi, the Indian Expat, is pretty much getting his foothold back with his restaurant business module over here. His Indian restaurants in Shaanxi Province are running successfully with good turnover on a daily basis. After working hard for so long, things are taking a better shape now. […]


December 6, 2020

Dev Raturi Talks About Bollywood Actors Changing The Game Plan In India And China

It is a known fact that film stars are adorned all around the world. Their popularity has already helped out maximum people and their businesses. Both in China and India, the mega-bucks league will mostly feature the film stars, where else USA will see a growth in the musicians and sports personalities. There are reasons […]


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