Dev Raturi is a highly resilient individual and has become one of the most popular hoteliers and entrepreneurs in China due to his hard work and smart thinking. He has covered a long way from his times of struggling to get proper food to eat and has risen to a position where he is helping many others to make a decent livelihood through Raturi Foundation. It was founded on 10th February 2021 by Mr. Dev Raturi to help the children by providing orphanages and giving them opportunities to educate themselves. He has also come up with old age homes for the senior citizens who are suffering even at such age.

His Journey Made Him What He Is Today

Only a person who went through a lot can understand the sorrow of the others and this is absolutely true with Dev Raturi. As his journey was one of the toughest, he is now lifting many others lives like him to lead a better life. He is aware of the circumstances that one faces on a journey to your dream when you lack resources to achieve it. As he looks back in time and remembers his days of struggle, he realizes that everyone deserves to get basic knowledge and a chance to move forward and this feeling gave rise to the idea of Raturi Foundation which is helping many today.

Dev’s ultimate dream is to ‘remove the scars of poverty.’

And he is doing his part to make it happen.

Since the year 2000, he has been fasting every Tuesday without fail. He sends that money for the education of children in China and India. He regards it as his social responsibility and further contributes to several charities in the nearby regions, including sponsorship of education for children from low-income families and frequent donations made to orphanages in Xi’an as well as India. Apart from this, he is also bringing in many Indians to China to provide them with job opportunities at his restaurants. He is also involved in several other social welfare activities in China and India, where he is contributing his time, money and energy to help out many struggling families, educating poor children and providing job opportunities. And since 2021, he has decided to do all his welfare work through his foundation named Raturi Foundation to reach the common masses. He himself is personally associated with foundation work to bring a change.

His Vision for Uttarakhand

As a part of his efforts in improving the lifestyle of the poor people, he is now focussed on making a real impact in the lives of people in Uttarakhand. As he belongs to Uttarakhand, he has close sentiments for his birth place. With Raturi Foundation, he is leading a drive to uplift people’s lives there by giving them enough opportunities to grow in all aspects.

Here’s what he is doing: Plans for Uttarakhand