Even after a shaky start, China made it through successfully and now heading back towards a normal life, after winning its fight against novel coronavirus. The outbreak took many lives, but that didn’t stop this second-largest economy from coming to a standstill. After months of trying and taking all kinds of necessary protection, China is now free from this virus to a great extent. People can get back with their lives and live life like they used to.

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking quite nice for Indian people. Even after all kinds of safety measures, the number of cases never seems to stop in this country! With such a large population, the chance of getting infected keeps getting higher. Now the entire nation is under the grip of this deadly virus.

Time to learn:

The time has come for India to learn ways on how to fight coronavirus from China. The China-initiated lockdown strategy worked out magically in controlling the rapid spread of this virus. After an increasing number of infected people and death toll, Indian PM NarendraModi declared the 21-day national lockdown on March 24th. Before that, a Janata Curfew took place on March 22nd.

However, things are not looking bright for this county, with the cases going up on a daily basis. During this time, it is important for India to receive a dedicated and visionary leadership, and China will clearly help them out during such crises.

Some questions to answer:

India’s ways to grasp the spread of the virus has raised multiple questions. Can India win this fight against deadly diseases, much like China? Will such extended lockdown enough to curb the spread of COVID 19? Do you think that this shutdown strategy ensured enough supply of food and necessities for all the poor families out there? Most of these questions remained unanswered. So, without wasting time, India should start learning from China on ways to fight and win against this life battle.

Some key lessons to learn:

The timely measures from China to prevent a fast-spreading scenario in Wuhan, along with the effective cooperation between 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous religious, can easily offer some lessons to the Indian government. India is now standing on the verge of weak health infrastructure. So, it is high time for them to follow what China did to fight COVID 19.

The transfer of medical kit:

As the virus fails to spread exponentially from Wuhan, the Chinese government took the necessary steps to transfer all the mandatory equipment from Wuhan to the rest of the country. It took them just ten days to build two COVID specialized hospitals. Some of the bigger convention centers and sports stadiums were transformed into temporary hospitals. Other than that, over 40,000 health workers were sent to Wuhan for tracking the spread out.

These are some of the necessary steps that India must work out to curb the excessive spread of COVID 19. Along with that, strict actions from the management in terms of group formation on the road, roaming around the streets, and more, and now a necessity.

Encouragement for all spheres of life:

The Chinese government was kind enough to provide sufficient resources and funds to have encouraged people from various spheres of life. WHO even stated that these strong measures from China would not just control this epidemic but prevent it from spreading to other countries!

So, it is high time for India to pay heed to these points now if they don’t want to lose any more life. The struggle is real, and it keeps on taking a vast shape unless you do something to stop it. So, India can definitely take notes from China on how to control pandemic outrage!

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