After residing in China for 15 years, Dev Raturi, the Indian Expat, is pretty much getting his foothold back with his restaurant business module over here. His Indian restaurants in Shaanxi Province are running successfully with good turnover on a daily basis. After working hard for so long, things are taking a better shape now. At present, the local government is implementing rental control policies. Even after a minute setup because of the pandemic, right now his restaurants again opened their doors for the public, and even his acting career will resume.

The truth behind his acting career:
Let’s just say that Dev’s film career did not start in China. He tried entering Bollywood back in 1998 but was pretty scared to be in front of the camera and couldn’t act! Yes, it’s hard to believe now, but that’s the fact. Later, he came to China in 2005 and worked for a pretty long time in the hospitality industry. Then, he got the opportunity to start working in so many Chinese TV series and movies. That helped me to regain his confidence in front of the camera, and he worked pretty hard to sharpen his acting skills.

To this date, Dev Raturi has worked in five movies and has to TV series under his name. He is known for his versatile acting career, where he played multiple roles of doctor, astronaut, and police chief, and even a gangster. It clearly portrays his skill in acting as playing such diverse roles isn’t an easy task.

The first-ever movie:
Dev got his first break in 2015. He got in touch with the famous film director in China, who was thoroughly impressed with his acting skill and proposed a role in an online Chinese film. Dev agreed, and even though it was a small negative role, but that’s how he fulfilled his long-term dream of becoming a film star. Well, it is safe to say that was the beginning of one new era. Even though it was a small budget film, but it helped him to gain more opportunities in other movies and TV series.

Right now, Dev Raturi is known to have 9 movies under his bag along with 7 TV series. Let’s not forget the few advertisements he has done over this course or acting career as well!

The film can bridge the gap between India and China:
Dev Raturi clearly believes that film is one such platform, which can bridge the gap between Indian and Chinese communities. It isn’t hard to state that celebrities are adored worldwide. They make money from the brands and their adorned fans. Right now, you could see some of the interesting patterns to have emerged.

The obvious one among the lot is the India-China megabucks league. It features most film stars. The main aim over here is to decode the trends. Well, let’s just say that India has a rich film background. And for China, obsession with cinema started late but got to manage greater strides within a short time. China now has the largest number of screens globally, and the natives watch a minimum of 1 to 3 movies monthly.

So, through this film sector, the Indian and Chinese relationships can easily improve. With the same love towards celebrities from these countries, it is not long when China and India will get into a friendly bond.

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