It is a known fact that film stars are adorned all around the world. Their popularity has already helped out maximum people and their businesses. Both in China and India, the mega-bucks league will mostly feature the film stars, where else USA will see a growth in the musicians and sports personalities. There are reasons to come across such analysis, especially the Forbes List of top 100 celebrities in India and China to have accessed the 2017 panel. These lists are enough to prove the estimation of celebrities’ earnings from multiple incomes such as appearance fees, endorsements and more.

Importance of Bollywood actors in Indian and Chinese market:
Around 46% of top 100 in Forbes have been associated with actors, and then 21% is dominated by cricketers. It is true that Bollywood actors are ruling the Indian list for sure, and the same rule is applicable in China. But, the score is a bit different in USA sector. Now, you must be wondering what makes Bollywood actors rule the game both in the highest populated countries India and China. Let’s get on with the details.

• In China, the list is a bit of surprising one. Even though this country has been topping metals for over 2 decades now, but the earning list is highly dominated by the film personalities.
• India is known to have a rich film history starting from 1913. When it comes to China, the obsession with movies started late but got some great strides within a short span of time.
• Right now, China boasts largest numbers of screens globally at 60,000. Chinese people are noted to watch minimum 1 to 3 films per month.
• India, on the other hand, might have low screen penetration but Indian television is amplifying the aura of film stars.

So, people like DevRaturi, who has worked in both Chinese and Indian film sectors, are well-aware of the value actors get in these two countries.

The influence of social media:

In case of social media, Chinese actors are likely to have major fan following unlike any other countries. The same goes for the Indian actors as well. If you ever get the opportunity to check out any Twitter handle or Instagram account of these actors, you will see not less than millions of followers under their belts.

Social media shows a secret part of film actors, which people are intrigued to learn more about. Overall, it is not hard to state that Bollywood actors like DevRaturi are ruling the business game in not just India but in China as well.

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