Indian man Dev Raturi, who owns eight restaurants, is pictured with his families at his restaurant in Xi’an city, northwest China’s Shaanxi province, 24 November 2018. Indian man Dev Raturi was interested in Chinese Kung Fu and came to southern China’s Shenzhen in 2005. He was strapped for cash so that he worked as a waiter at a dining room. He owned eight restaurants over the last 13 years. With the aim of introducing Indian culture to China, Raturi founded the Indian Pavilion ¨C Redfort, an Indian cultural restaurant. Inspired by the Silk Road, Raturi decided to bring his amazing Indian food to Xi’an city, northwest China’s Shaanxi province. In addition, he also opened a Yoga studio in Xi’an to introduce Indian culture. Over the years, Raturi has taken part in six action movies, making his Kung Fu dream come true. In addition, he changed from a man who knew nothing about Chinese to a master of the language. Raturi married Indian girl Anjali in India in 2011, and then the couple came back to China to continue their business. Now the family lives in Xi’an. Raturi said that China is his home and it provides him love and care, and makes his dreams come true.